Occupy Wall Street Organizer and Friend sentanced to 45 days on Rikers Island


How Long?

Mark has been sentenced to 45 days in Rikers.  Generally, one serves 2/3rd of their term in jail. This is 30 days, less the time he was in custody waiting for arraignment, giving us about 27 days.  Assuming all goes as expected, Mark will be released on the evening of July 16th, or the day of July 17th.  (Generally people are released the night before, but anecdotal evidence proves otherwise.)

Open Cases

This is a rumor.  People with open cases may go, but please check with your lawyer.  it is not recommended to go if there is a warrant for your arrest.

Commissary Money

The NYCGA came to consensus in the fall to keep Occupy folks’s commissary’s full.  It was filled the morning he was transferred, and is being overseen by the bail team.

Getting to Rikers

This information will be posted later, or sent to the folks going, written by the folks who went today.


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