Dear Friends,

Much to our collective joy, Mark Adams will be restored to our community very early Monday!

We know that there will be an abundance of relief and care and love on all sides of this equation, and we (the Otter Solidarity Group Team) support efforts to hold whatever kind of welcome home party/zombie prom/potluck in Mark’s honor. We have consulted with Mark about his physical state and emotional desires, and, as a result, we would like to offer up the following suggestions, which Mark has approved, for greeting and celebrating our beloved Otter upon his release.

We do suggest that any large celebration be postponed until next weekend, to give Mark some time to come off hunger strike and regain his physical fortitude, and also to readjust. We also have absolutely no doubt that Mark will be overjoyed to hear from you via Twitter, email, and facebook, but we counsel patience if you don’t hear back from him immediately, because we anticipate that the volume of affection may be pretty overwhelming.

Mark has expressed his eagerness to hear from and see everyone, but also his desire to move forward, and not to dwell on the last 30 days. We encourage you, therefore, to share your love and regards and experiences, but to exercise some gentleness about what kinds of things you ask him to share.

We are proud of Mark, who has so publicly sustained the courage of his convictions! And we are also proud of you, his friends, who have organized, and helped us to organize in a way that not only supported Mark, but honored our shared vision of radical care.

Furious Love,

the Otter Solidarity Network Team
(Amelia, Austin, Brett, Chepe, Christina, Christine, Daniele, Dicey, Easton, Gaetano, Jen, Meg, Moira, Miriam, Nathan, Shawn, Rose Regina, Tess, Tom)