by Austin Guest on Tuesday, June 19, 2012 at 2:39pm ·

UPDATE ON MARK ADAM’S STATUS from his lawyer, Meghan Maurus, who just got back from visiting him at Rikers (abbreviated, more details to follow):


– If all goes well, Mark will be RELEASED on good behavior on SUNDAY, JULY 15

– Mark is in a very peaceful place and feels good about everything.  He saw people waiting for him as he was transferred from central booking, feels loved.  Practiced OWS meditation techniques when he first got to his cell and it made him feel a lot better. Wants us all to know that we’re his family and sends us a BIG HUG!!!

– Lawyers are going to file for an appeal today/tomorrow and ask for bail to be posted.  At that point, Mark will decide whether or not he wants to pursue an appeal (which could take a year and wind up with him back in jail) or just serve out his time now- Mark was given copies of three books: *The New Jim Crow* by Michelle Alexander, *Walking with the Comrades* by Arundati Roy, and a fiction book i can’t remember the name of