Letters are one of the best ways to keep Mark (and other prisioners’) spirits high.  There are some IMPORTANT guidelines on writing letters to political prisoners.

Advice from our legal crew: 

1. Anything too radical WILL NOT be given to Mark. Anything political may be cause for profiling, so the lawyers request discretion.

2. Do NOT talk about actions (you might get yourself, or Mark in trouble).

3. Do not talk about Mark’s trial, or the judge, or the DA nincompoops.

Mo says “Think about writing a letter to your Grandmother”

Here are some excerpts from the letter writing guide compiled by the Black Cross, a political prisoner support group.  

-Don’t write in glittery pens, or include glitter in the envelope

-Some prisons don’t allow in cut outs from magazine or newspapers. We’ll let you know.

-Number the pages, in case they take one

-Include a return address on the letter, they might not get the envelope

-Don’t make promises you cannot commit to

-Don’t write anything the cops shouldn’t know

Now that you know, you can send Mark mail at the below address:

Mark Adams Booking # 3491210446

NYSID # 11706754

Eric M. Taylor Center

10-10 Hazen Street

East Elmhurst, NY 11370

If you’d like to know more about what you may and may not send (like package restriction) follow this link: